Business Leadership: 5 Essential Lessons

Five business leadership and management lessons every executive should now.

Mock Reviews: Video Games and More

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High-Tech Business Marketing Strategies

The good news for entrepreneurs and aspiring startups in 2012: Thanks to technology, social media and online services, there’s never been a better and more affordable time to start a business, small or otherwise. The bad news for them as well: Thanks to a constant crush of new apps, gadgets and innovations, and flood of […]

Game Industry Trends 2012

We’ve entered the final quarter of 2011. What can we expect from 2012? A few folks have made guesses that involve prosperity, massive changes for all of mankind, and oh, something about an impending apocalypse. We won’t be able to draw any conclusions about 2012 ’til its noteworthy events actually happen (or don’t happen), but […]

Top 10 Digital Distribution Platforms

It might be hard to think of the digital realm as cutthroat territory, but believe it or not, online game stores are constantly battling one another for your space dollars. The market is a pretty interesting place at this current time: it’s a bustling jumble of services that includes veterans and dozens of newcomers that […]

Will the Wii U Work?

Nintendo has been taking a lot of hard knocks in recent months–and a few of those have come from us, we’ll admit. But if we’re hard on Nintendo, it’s only because we believe in it. It’s also because the company’s next major console, the Wii U, is set to come to life sometime next year, […]

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How to self-publish books, magazines, eBooks, apps, video games and more. The best self-publishing sites and services.

10 Ways Your Business Can Make Headlines

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream: to see your business’s name in lights. But with thousands of companies competing in hundreds of verticals for the same limited number of column inches, blog posts and precious seconds of airtime, let’s level: It’s not easy to score the precious publicity boost that placement in your local newspaper or an […]

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